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The Character Trait for November is "Caring": students and teachers, you may fill out a character slip when you witness someone showing caring behavior (Mrs. Wittman shared the slips with teachers).

Kindness Day - Mrs. Egelhoff's class and I hope that you will join us in our 14 week challenge to "Choose Kind" and make our world a little better. 

Start out by taking the KINDNESS PLEDGE (click the link). Your teachers have a special sticker for you. We hope it will serve as a reminder of your pledge and that you will put it somewhere special (NOT YOUR COMPUTER). 

Next, you can join us in our kindness mission and have a chance to win great prizes by watching our weekly Kindness PSAs. 
Click HERE for this week's. Watch the video, submit and you will be put in the weekly drawing. 

Also, check out the "Random Acts of Kindness" Poster near my hallway. Created by the Kindness Committee. You can grab a slip and do your own act of kindness today. 
If you haven't already, you should read the book Wonder and watch the movie that is coming out this week!

Turkey Day Dance is Tuesday November 21st from 7-9 pm.

Student Council:
 Please join our Google classroom page.  The code is 7y3des. 

5th Grade Students - Panthers Be Present - Win a Bike and Helmet for Perfect Attendance. . .
The Jersey County Business Association has partnered with our school district to offer a brand new bike for any 5th grade student that does not miss a single day this school year.  There will be a special banquet at the end of the year to honor them.  We currently have a Mongoose Pro BMX Bike on display for student's.  

Students who are joining or have joined the Panther Pride Club
should make sure that they sign up for the Google Classroom page. The code is on the Illini announcements webpage. PPC will be using the Google Classroom any time there is something to announce.  (the code is qlglpy5) 

There are backpacks available for sale in the office.  You can buy a slightly used one for $20, or a brand new one for $45.  They are padded and made specifically for laptop use.  If you would like to see a sample, please stop by the HelpDesk.

Lunch Behavior: students, this is a reminder that you are not to "rough house" or play fight during your lunch recess.  Failure to comply will result being sent to the office. Keeping your hands and feet to yourself includes playing! 

Basketball in the gyms before school:  if you are playing basketball, either knockout or 3 on 3, you must not foul or break the basic rules.  If you do, you will not be allowed to play.

Cell Phone Policy:
you are allowed to have your cell phones or personal devices out before and after school only.  If you have them out or they ring during the school day, they will be taken from you!   

Students: you are responsible for your laptop charger. 
 Please take a piece of masking tape and stick it on your charger with your first and last name on it.  If you loan it to another student and it goes missing, you are responsible for replacement costs.

The yearbook staff is looking for dedicated students at Illini who enjoy taking pictures and showing off their creative side. Please use this code ( flujzg1) to join our Google Classroom for important announcements. 

Students: when taking your laptop to the help desk or anywhere else, remember to close the lid, wait for the 10-15 seconds for the HD to stop and then put it in your backpack to carry it to where you are going.  if your laptop is damaged when you are not following these procedures you may be responsible for the expenses to repair it.

Early Bus Numbers - 11, 50, 2, 17, 6, 41, 36, 10, 24, 48, 15
Make sure you get outside as soon as you are released.  

Bus Riders:
you are responsible for getting on your bus.  If you are waiting in line for concessions and miss your bus, you will be referred to the office and have a consequence

Students are not allowed to leave their backpacks in the gym, hallways, or outside the band/chorus room before or after lunch.  These are unsupervised areas where your backpack could be taken or abused.  If your backpack is found in these areas you will be referred to the office.

Students, please check your school email daily for messages from the IMC SHARE Catalog regarding your overdue books. Remember, books that are a month overdue will have a $2.00 fine that increases every school day by $.10!

Students: for safety reasons, please do not open the doors to the school for any visitor coming into the building.  They must be buzzed in through the office by our secretaries.  Thank you.


Students: if you have money, bus pass requests, or doctor's notes, please bring them to the office first thing in the morning before school starts

Student Email Use - students, you are not to use your G-Mail account to send messages to your friends during the school day.  Those who misuse their G-Mail will have it taken away.  Trying to access outside e-mail accounts will result in losing internet privileges. 


When you arrive at school in the morning, you have the option of eating breakfast.  If you want to eat, you need to do so as soon as you arrive.  Students are not allowed to play or visit with friends and decide to eat at a later time.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  

Please remember to sign up for the Activity Bus during your lunch period.  Too many students are failing to do this.  If you are going to stay after school for any reason until 5:30, you need to sign up for the Activity Bus outside of the Guidance Office.  

Make Today a GREAT DAY and “Just Be Jersey!”